Relatable words about creating, optimizing and being a person.

Kevin Huynh here. I write to connect the dots between work, play and approaching play kinda like work (in a good way).

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About me

Kevin Huynh, next to a window
Me, in an outfit my friend calls “Butterscotch Bandit.” Photo by Kai Elmer Sotto

Raised in Colorado by Vietnamese immigrants, I studied my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley before designing operations for community-driven orgs.

I’m the co-author of Get Together, a guidebook on how to build a community with your people. I wrote it with my co-founders at People & Company, a strategy partner that helps companies build communities with confidence.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my partner Yoko—whom I’ll probably mention in every essay.

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Relatable words on creating, optimizing, and being a person.


Ops guy, co-author of Get Together. Creator, engineering lizard brain.